A Comparison of Martin Luther and John Calvin in Getting Important Protestant Leaders

A Comparison of Martin Luther and John Calvin in Staying Important Protestant Leaders

Martin Luther and John Calvin had been both very essential leaders of the Protestant

Reformation. Although these were both against the Roman Catholic Church, they brought about

very different ideas in religion.

Martin Luther founded the group that will be today referred to as Lutherans. He was ordained

a priest in 1507. He handled questions working with the composition of the church and with its

moral values. These questions were significant in Luther's eyes, but the main was how

to discover favor with God. Luther tried out to pray, quickly, and repent, but he never felt self-satisfaction.

He eventually figured God's love had not been a prize or an incentive to be earned or won, but a

gift idea to be accepted. Luther further figured until guy stops trying to achieve God's favor

through his own achievements he cannot genuinely figure out God's grace. Luther also had the idea

that one didn't want a priest to speak to God, he believed you can pray and repent without

the aid of anyone else. This was the theory that Luther became famous.

In 1517,

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