An Analysis of that time period Equipment by H. G. Wells

An Analysis of that time period Equipment by H. G. Wells

The Time Machine - Analysis

There are numerous people in world who lack certain abilities that they want for survival.

These persons may lack intelligence and rely upon other human beings to greatly help them get

through life. However, almost all of the time, it really is presently there fault that they lack these necessities. In

The Time Machine by H.G Wells, the Eloi possessed this problem. These were victims of their

own weaknesses because they didn t recognize that learning these important skills was

necessary for them to survive.

When he found its way to the future, ENOUGH TIME Traveller, after finding and hearing the

Eloi, concluded that they had an exceptionally low intelligence when compared to persons that

lived in his period. They were often referred to as and in comparison to little children. Then one

of them asked me a question that revealed him to get on the intellectual degree of one of our

five year old kids. (39) He was extremely shocked concerning this weakness that the Eloi

possessed. The fact that enough time Traveller lived 800,00 years during the past led him to

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