An Examination of Eric Solomons "The Go back of the Screw"

An Evaluation of Eric Solomon's "The Come back of the Screw"

Mrs. Grose, playing cleverly on the governess' visions, convinces her she actually is seeing

Peter Quint and Ms. Jessel in order to get her mad. At least, that's according to Eric

Solomon's "The Go back of the Screw." Mrs. Grose tries to eliminate the governess to get

to Flora.

Mrs. Grose can do anything to get control of Flora, as she proved when she

murdered Peter Quint. He, along with Ms. Jessel, was an excessive amount of an influence on the

children. Quint died relatively mysteriously, on a course between city and Bly. He passed away

from a blow on the mind, supposedly from falling after a rock in the street. The reader's

only impression of the death is normally through Mrs. Grose's story, though, therefore, Solomon

hypothesizes, she filters the information to create it appear less amazing a demise.

Perhaps Mrs. Grose killed him out of jealously. The reader can infer out of this point of

view that Mrs. Grose somehow likewise had a submit Ms. Jessel's death.

Mrs. Grose then

proceeds, following the murders, to twist the brand new governess' visions

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