An Examination of the Novel Great Objectives and the Moral Judgement by Charles Dickens

An Evaluation of the Novel Great Goals and the Moral Judgement by Charles Dickens

In his publication Great Expectations, the problematic aspect of moral judgement

and justice that is due to a conflict between God's law and human being law is one of

several topical designs that Charles Dickens addresses. This paradox regularly

surfaces in his treatment of plot and environment, and is even more subtlety illustrated

in his usage of character. To help the reader's knowing of such a

conflict, the narrator often uses vocabulary which has Christian connotations when

relating his thoughts so when giving descriptions of the surroundings,

characters and events that happen. While these exact things allude to divine and

moral law, the story itself revolves around crime and criminals, thereby

bringing issues of human law into concentrate.

The climate for this theme is made from the beginning of the

novel. Pip's act of Christian charity towards the convict may also be

considered a serious crime. The account opens in a churchyard where in fact the grave,

symbolic of eternal judgement could be contrasted with the local gallows,

symbolizing human punishment. Establish on the eve where we commemorate the birth

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