'08 Mass Quantity and Thickness Study Information

 Essay about 08 Mass Volume and Density Examine Guide

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the amount of matter in a given




Measuring Mass Directly

Locating Mass by Difference

Testing out a Substance


the amount of space an object

uses up



Measuring Volume Directly

Calculating Volume by Formula

Drinking water Displacement Way of Small , Irregularly Shaped


Water Shift Method for Large, Irregularly Designed




the amount of matter within a given






amount of matter within an object

Matter-is anything in the universe which has mass and takes


Triple Light beam Balance-measures the mass of your object

Finding Mass Straight

1 . Actually zero out the three-way beam stability.

2 . Put the object on the pan of the triple light beam balance


3. Push the riders (starting while using 100g and ending

together with the 1g)(move a single at a time-make sure) until the

stability pointer sets at absolutely no.

4. Add the measurements on all the riders and record

the amount in g.

Finding Mass By Difference

1 . No out the triple beam stability.

2 . Locate the mass of the bare container.

several. Find the mass of the container together with the liquid.

5. Subtract the container's mass from the total mass to get the mass with the liquid. your five. Record the measurement in g.

Computing Out a Substance-powders

1 ) Zero out your triple light balance

installment payments on your Find the mass in the weighing conventional paper.

3. Add the mass of the considering paper for the desired volume of the compound.. 4. Predetermined the bikers to this volume.


five. The balance pointer will drop below absolutely no.

6. Slowly add the substance towards the weighing daily news until the stability pointer is usually straight at zero. six. Record the measurement in g.


the amount of space an object occupies

Meniscus- the curved area of a water

Graduated Cylinder-used to accurately measure the amount of a water Overflow Can-used to find the volume of large, irregularly shaped sound...


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