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Hero's Trip Narrative Unit

English 1-2 Curriculum Guideline

Version 1 ) 0: Sept. 2010 2009

Table of Items: Hero's Quest Narrative Device


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Summary of Unit


Unit Template with Learning Strategy


Scholar Progress Monitoring


Educational Vocabulary

being unfaithful



Representation on Pre-Assessment




Rites of Passage/Transitional Occasions


Determining a Main character


Hero's Journey through Film


Literature Groups (or Jig Saw) with Short Stories


Components of an Effective Story


Additional Text Alternatives


Introduction to Personal Narrative through " Mapping”


Culminating Analysis: Writing a Hero's Quest Narrative 34

Scoring Guidebook for Story







This unit tries to lay the foot work for the quest story model to give ninth graders more complete knowledge of an essential literary style that they will—and have already—encountered often during the course of their The english language literature studies. The unit prepare begins by covering and studying simple elements of the quest story model, and culminates while using students writing a personal story piece inside the model of a quest story.

In the middle of the unit, we have left the everyday lesson planning very open-ended. Since this device does not contain a central text message, it is to the discretion from the instructor to decide on a text message (or texts) that can be used with this device plan. The text(s) that you just choose is determined by a couple of factors: how long you would like to spend on this kind of unit, and what text messages you desire your pupils to read. The lessons that we have planned out without any particular text in mind are sufficient to cover about two weeks of sophistication time. If you would like to include a number of short tales in the middle to do business with as described in the components, this product could be expanded by a week. If you planned to use a book like The Odyssey in conjunction with this kind of unit, the system could be extended by 3 weeks. And so on. Many text messages from many genres suit well in the quest story model, so the literary globe is at your fingertips. For the reason that sense, this unit is very open-ended, and that we like that.

We have included some quick-write activities to be used through the unit to help students think about their own comes from the mission narrative model, and to even more help them associated with transition from studying the quest narrative in an founded text or film to writing your own narrative of their own hails from the search narrative version.

This unit prepare is not a comprehensive guide to the mission narrative, nevertheless is more of your road map to help guide a category along the way to learning the model. The additional resources section contains helpful curriculum suggestions and handouts that can be used as well. We hope that you just find this unit to become a useful tool inside your classroom.

Drafted and compiled by:

Alain Sinnumero (DART) and

Gary Sletmoe (Cleveland)

Edited by:

Pamela Garrett (Franklin)

Hero's Journey Narrative Unit Design

Stage one particular: Desired Outcomes

Priority Requirements:

9. 03. Summarize sequence of occasions.

9. 07. Examine characterization.

being unfaithful. 10. Examine how dramatic elements are used to develop characters/mood. 9. 13. Include physical details and concrete language to develop plan and personality. 9. 13. Use discussion, interior monologue, suspense, and the naming of specific narrative actions, which include movement, actions, and expressions. 9. 13. Establish a circumstance, point of view, conflict, and establishing. 9. 13. Establish a managing idea that takes a thoughtful, in reverse examination and analyzes a problem or condition of relevance.


Students will figure out that…

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