mental well being and well being CMH301

 mental well being and overall health CMH301 Dissertation

п»їUnderstand Mental well being and Mental

Well being promotion

CMH 301

1 . Understand the different views on the nature of mental

well-being and Mental into the the elements that may impact both across lifespan:

It is just a well known fact, that everyone is certainly one of kind unique if you like. Right now there for it will have always several views on this as well as other matters. ( diet plan, fitness ect)

while " this and that " is working for some, it may not work for the other. Even so there is a basic so called skeleton form which in turn we can build up what is the very best for the individual.

Mental well-being can be very unstable thing and it can become tipped in either case at any time by simply trauma or excitement.

Influencing factors: - years as a child

- own thinks

-- education

- way of living

- status of body and mind

- causes of mental well-being/ or disease

( stress, fatality of family member ect)

- different known/ not known influencing elements

1 ) 1 Examine two different views on the nature of

mental well-being and mental health

Because already explained every individual is unique and we are not able to assume of otherwise. Generally there for every person. However there is also a basic skeletons from which we could build on ( assessment, medical diagnosis and therapy)

If we would go to total basics after that we would locate two directions from which to begin.

Positive- People in that frame of mind having " can do attitude", find easy trouble s solving, their physical health is normally very very good or curing of harm or other goes much quicker then at negative pondering individual.

- In the event of diagnosis and care great verbalisation really helps to encourage a good process and to keep on track in order to get well

HOWEVER: every individual is unique and there intended for the carer/ doctor or other need to must always permit client get best course which is perfect for the client. ( his own way for his individual time)

Negative- individual sees all as " all desire lost/ zero other way", due insufficient hope

and motivation let us thing rotate out of hand for making things a whole lot worse.

Problem to admit a problem or perhaps willingness to accept helping

hand is known as a big issue. ( various reasons like shameless, loss of hope, other).

- with the bad mental state you will probably find that physical signs are at

present ( sleep disorders, aggression, nervosas, other)

Mental overall health – linked to medical unit which targets treating illnesses establishing diagnosis and treatment as well as elimination, providing medical and other support ( several groups classes ect)

mental well-being- take alternative view individuals experience. eg. How consumers friends and family react to him great illness, providing moral and social support.

- Also nutrition and area customer lives performs great part

-- various actions with the family and friends

-- Rather than featuring medical treatment it can be more regarding helping recovering and recognized or certainly not sick whatsoever

1 . 2 explain range of factors which may affect mental health and mental health across the life span including ( several factors):

-- individuals previous history- the child years and adolescent hood are the vital elements of our lifes. They makes us whom we are, makes our feels or various other. ( hobbies, mind set, enjoys not enjoys other) if we

all of us like it or not practically whole life we all will review new results or resolving new concerns base in our previous.

-- biological factors- heath complications run in family presently or in past. ( usually history illness)

- female or male

- mind...


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