School Environment

 School Environment Essay




This phase deals with info presentation, dialogue and interpretations of the conclusions concerning influence of schools to the scholar's performance and behavior with the students in Mtwara Municipal. The study was conducted in primary colleges and second schools picked. The data reviewed in this phase has been gathered from learners, teachers and parents who were respondents in my research. The studies are presented according to the analysis questions.


This sub chapter describes the backdrop information in the respondents included in my analyze who will be teachers, college students, and parents.

5. 2 . you STUDENTS

Demographic information in the students consists of students of principal school by standard 3 to several. Secondary university were all those selected students from kind one to four.

TABLE you primary institution demographic data

|CLASSES |FREQUENCE |PERCENTAGE | |STD III |3 |7. 1 | |STD IV |6 |14. 3 | |STD Versus |9 |21. 4 | |STD VI |9 |21. 4 | |STD VII |15 |35. 7 | |TOTAL |42 |100

In this market information regular V to standard VII were used in lot because that were there great potential of answering the questions asked as well as had an experience penalized at institution for a long time.

STAND 2 secondary school demographic information

|CLASS |FREQUENCY |PERCENTAGE | |FORM I |6 |14. several | |FORM II |9 |21. 5 | |FORM III |12 |28. 6th | |FORM IV |15 |35. 7 | |TOTAL |42 |100

In secondary college demographic information shows that thirty five. 7%were kind four and 28% had been form 3. This indicates that form three and four were chosen in high number because of their encounter in school mixture. Therefore they will observed a large number of changes in a college compound in comparison to form I actually and 2.


Demographic info of the teachers comprised of simply academic educators and brain teachers via selected educational institutions. Head instructors were chosen because they'd all information via every section of the school, so he / she provides very much information of educational and tendencies of the learners.




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