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 Sexual Teens Essay

SEXUAL TEENS, SEXUAL PRESS Investigating Media's Influence on Adolescent Libido

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SEXUAL TEENAGERS, SEXUAL MULTIMEDIA Investigating Media's Influence upon Adolescent Sexuality

Edited simply by

Jane G. Brown

University of North Carolina–Chapel Mountain

Jeanne L. Steele

University or college of St . Thomas

Ellie Walsh-Childers

School of California



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Cover style by Kathryn Houghtaling Lacey

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Sex teens, sexual media: investigating media's influence on teenage sexuality as well as edited simply by Jane M. Brown, Jeanne R. Steele, Kim Walsh-Childers. p. centimeter. — (LEA's communication series) Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 0-8058-3489-3 (cloth: alk. paper) — ISBN 0-8058-3490-7 (pbk.: alk. paper) 1 . Advertising and young adults. 2 . Advertising and sex. 3. Sexual in advertising. 4. Teenagers—Sexual behavior. I. Brown, Jane D. (Jane Delano), 1950–. II. Steele, Jeanne 3rd there’s r. III. Walsh-Childers, Kim. IV. Series. HQ799. 2 . M35 S49 2001 302. 23Вў0835—dc21 00-067763 CIP

ISBN 1-4106-0417-9 Master e-book ISBN


Contributors Preamble

1 Launch and Guide

Jane D. Brown, Jeanne R. Steele, and Ellie Walsh-Childers


2 Nervous-looking the Forest of Knowledge pertaining to Forbidden Fruit: Wherever

Adolescents Find out about Sexuality and Contraception Eileen J. Sutton, Jane D. Brown, Karen M. Pat, and Jonathan D. Klein I TV SET 25

several Sexual Emails in Teens' Favorite Prime-Time

Television Applications Kirstie M. Cope-Farrar and Dale Kunkel 59

some Daytime Talk Shows: Up Close and In Your Face

Bradley H. Greenberg and Sandi Watts. Smith


5 Will That Really Happen? Adolescents' Awareness of

Sex Relationships In accordance to Prime-Time Television M. Monique Ward, Benjamin Gorvine, and Adena Cytron-Walker ninety five v



six Media's Influence on Adolescents' Body system Dissatisfaction

Hermosa J. Hofschire and Bradley S. Greenberg



7 From " Just the Facts” to " Downright Salacious”: Teens' and Women's Publication Coverage of Sex and Sexual Wellness Kim Walsh-Childers, Alyse Gotthoffer, and Carolyn Ringer Lepre 153

8 Stuff You Couldn't Inquire Your Parents: Young adults Talking

Regarding Using Journals for Love-making Information Debbie Treise and Alyse Gotthoffer 173

9 Girls in Print: Figuring Out What it takes to Be a Lady

Jennifer Wray and Jeanne R....


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