Strength and Weaknes

 Strength and Weaknes Composition

LESSON PLAN – Strengths And Weaknesses

Topic – Growing Myself

JOB SKILLS – Self Expansion

KEY EXPERTISE – Connection, Problem Solving, Working together with Others, Improving Own Learning and Performance


Learning Outcomes

By completing this students will be able to:

• Use negotiation and interpersonal abilities to collect strengths and weaknesses statements that apply to them. • Display an awareness of themselves.

Prep and Materials

• Copies of Info Sheet " Strengths And Weaknesses” for each student or perhaps one between two. • A set of " Strengths And Weaknesses” cards per group. These should be shuffled in order to avoid all write off cards arriving together within a pack.


1 . Offer copies with the Info Piece to students.

2 . Make clear the aim of the exercise making use of the learning effects on the Info Sheet. 3. Put the pupils into protected groups of up to 8 associates and issue a set of playing cards to each group. 4. Help remind the students prior to starting that they can " pass” in the event that asked to expose something they do not wish to speak about. 5. Explain to you the explanation of the card game with all of them.

6. Watch and support the groupings as they play the game.

six. Ask the students what they have learned from the lesson.

8. Sum up the main learning outcomes.

Extension Activity

• Encourage students to write down their pros and cons in the Personal Education Strategy (PEP). • Remind the students of the Important Skills. ask each group to select one strength/weakness greeting card for each Important Skill.

Learning Outcomes: With just this task it is possible to:

• Use settlement and interpersonal skills.

• Select strengths and weaknesses which apply to you.

• Show you are aware your the case self.

INFO SHEET – Strengths And Weaknesses

• Your educator will give the group a collection of cards.

• The group must appoint a dealer whom shuffles, deals one credit card to each of you and in that case puts the rest of the cards in a pile confront down on the table. • Think about the cards you have received and how it reflects your personality, as either a strength or a some weakness. If the credit card means a thing to you, KEEP IT. • Needs to the kept of the seller each member from the crew, in turn has got the chance to reject all their card and put it deal with down beneath the pile, and replace it with another through the top of the heap. • If you get a blank card you are able to write in strengths or perhaps weaknesses of your choice. • In that case, in turn each one of you must pick up one other card that you can either maintain or out back under the load and replace it with another from the leading until all of the cards will be picked up. • You can just reject one card in each convert.

• The exercise is complete once all the credit cards have been used, although it is likely to be that several cards is probably not acceptable to anyone. • Everyone in the group after that shows their selection of cards to the rest of the group and, in turn, each of you explains the selection of strengths and weaknesses playing cards. • Other members from the crew may request you to give cases e. g.

• Honest – identified $5. 00 and handed it to the school office • Driven – need to contend in the Olympics

• Indecisive – had taken an hour to determine what to put on last Weekend

• For those who have all got your switch, discuss any kind of changes you would like to make on your selections. • Think about what you have learned resulting from this game....


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